How do I find and enter my Decimal Interest?

ShaleCast needs to know your decimal ownership interest for each well to determine what percentage of each producing well's income belongs to you.  The easiest way to locate your decimal interest is on your monthly royalty statement. Watch the brief tutorial video or see the samples of royalty statements below and the decimal interests associated with different wells (red highlight below).


To Find Your Decimal Ownership Interest:

 Anadarko sample royalty statement: 


 Range Resources sample royalty statement: 


 To Enter Your Decimal Ownership Interest:

1) Visit your portfolio page and find the well in the list which is missing the ownership interest. Click the warning message "Add Ownership Details."


 2) Go to Step 1 and Add your Owner Interest (Decimal Ownership Interest). The number you enter must be between 0 and 1. (Note: The ownership interest is not your royalty percentage which was set on your Oil and Gas Lease. Your ownership interest was set on your division orders and represents your share of the drilling unit. Read more here about division orders


3) Click "Save Data" at the bottom of the form. You will see your 


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